Mold Inspection Pasadena

Looking for a professional mold Inspection Pasadena? We inspect your building for growing mold. When conducting inspections for mold there are many things to keep in mind regarding residential houses, apartments, condos and commercial business property. Mold inspections should always be performed by a licensed inspector. Mold Inspection PasadenaAll Accurate Home Inspectors have the proper training and knowledge to make sure your house or other real estate is thoroughly inspected for any mold growths. Not only do we check for any current growth but also inspect for any past issues and trouble areas. Many times if there was a problem in the past that could indicate problems with your water system that is causing moisture problems. You will need to have these issues fixed or checked. Previous mold problems can also cause allergic reactions to mold sensitive individuals.

Mold Inspection Pasadena CA

Our Pasadena Mold Inspection services look for issues inside your home, office or commercial building. We check in walls, crawlspaces and other areas hard to detect by eye. Serious growth can rot your wood and cause significant wood damage to you structure. There are some types of mold that are less serious (ceratosystis and ophiostoma) which grows on the sap of fresh cut wood but ceases growth when the wood has dried. This can be noticed by black staining and If found we can take a sample to check for this type.

Mold Inspections Pasadena

  • Inspect for current & past mold
  • Water and moisture inspections
  • Wood structure testing
  • Check inside building walls
  • Inspect attic and crawlspaces
  • Inspect basement and foundation

Mold Iinspections PasadenaAll mold problems are due to some sort of water issue. The moisture from a water leak is a key ingredient for mold growth. Finding the source of the water problem is vital. If not found and corrected your problem will return. The importance of finding the moisture issue with inspections for mold is paramount. This important step cannot be ignored and it’s critical to ensure the mold does not return. Once the problem is fixed we can help with annual inspections to keep your property safe and your indoor air healthy.

Contact Accurate Home Inspectors to make sure your house or building is free from any dangerous mold. We are here to answer any questions or concerns regarding your inspection.