Leak Detection Orange County

Slab Leak Detection Orange CountyNeed experts for Leak Detection Orange County? For over 20 years our inspectors have found all types of gas and water leaks in both commercial buildings and residential houses. Detecting where you think water is coming from is very tricky. This is why it’s best to hire a licensed inspector who will pinpoint your leak problem and offer a solution to make your investment sound and your building safe. There’s a few symptoms to look out for if you think you have a leak. If you see water coming out from underneath the slab on the outside of your house and there’s no hoses or pet water bowls near then that is an underground water leak. Inside the home if you notice any water coming from walls, beneath cabinetry or cracks in floor tile or areas near bathrooms, kitchens and laundry room then it’s likely you have an underground water leak. Many times the water you find will be warm. This is a hot water slab leak. This is one of the most common leaks that we detect. Another symptom of a hot water slab leak is hot flooring. If you have tile or wood flooring and noticed when walking barefoot that the floor is warm then you most likely have a hot water slab leak. If your water heater is running more often compared to the past then this is another sign of a slab leak. Another place to check before calling us is the water meter that’s outside your home or commercial building. With all water shut off your meter dials should not be turning fast.

Leak Detection Orange County CA

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Gas-Leak-Detection-Orange-CountyAccurate also does gas leak detection in Orange County. A gas leak is a serious issue and treated as such. A slow gas leak is very dangerous and if you think you may have a problem with a gas leak call us to schedule a detection service. We have the devices and equipment needed to accurately detect any gas leak issues. When we arrive at your home or business site we will rapidly survey the leak problem. Distinguishing a gas break is troublesome at best, and that is the reason we take a serious approach to finding leaks. We know that getting answers about your leak means guaranteeing the wellbeing of yourself, family or employees while ensuring your property if safe as well. We are experts at leak detections and have serviced Orange County and Southern California for over 20 years.