Leak Detection Los Angeles

Leak Detection Los AngelesNeed leak detection Los Angeles? Our Accurate inspectors find both gas and water leaks in your house’s foundation slab, interior walls and ceilings. We use only the latest water and gas leak detection devices, technology and equipment for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Water leaks in your house or business will lead to water and structure damage plus produce foul moldy odors at the very least. If you notice that your energy bills are higher than normal then there’s a good likelihood that your property has an underground water leak. It’s vital to hire a certified home inspector to make sure any damage is kept to a minimum. This will help prevent future repairs that will get quite expensive to fix if the leak is left untreated. Slab and foundation leaks happen over time and many times the main problem is with concrete foundations that are imperfect from poor construction. This is one reason why it’s best to hire an expert who knows where to look to pinpoint your problem.

Foundation Leak Detection Los Angeles

  • Foundation Slab Leak Detection
  • Exterior Leak Detection
  • Moisture Detection
  • Gas leaks detected
  • Underground Leaks
  • Mold Inspections
  • Roof & Attic Leak Detection
  • Electronic Leak Detection
  • Leaking HVAC Inspections
  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection
  • Interior Wall Inspections

Slab Leak Detection Los Angeles CAWith our hi tech leak detection gear we find those breaks in the water system and dangerous gas leaks within your building fast. We save you money over time by keeping your property repair free and making sure your problem is fixed before any more damage occurs. After inspecting your site for any gas or water leaks our inspectors will offer a detailed report summarizing any leaks that were found. We also note the area and size of the leak. At this point you will have all the information needed to get your leaks repaired.

Accurate Inspectors have found both gas and water leaks in Los Angeles and Orange County residential houses and commercial structures for over 20 years. From our local Pasadena and Glendale service area extending out to most parts of Southern California call us for a certified leak detection. Most Los Angeles houses use concrete slabs for their foundation and water can easily find and make its way to your structure foundation without being detected. The longer the leak persists the more damage that can occur to your foundation and property. If you see water leaking or pools up in particular areas of your home it’s important to understand that the leak may not be coming from that area. Our Accurate inspectors have all the proper tools, necessary equipment and years of experience to find your leaks no mater where they are coming from in your building.