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Looking for a home inspections Glendale? Accurate Home Inspectors is a company that you can trust to provide the most accurate findings. Home Inspections GlendaleWe conduct professional residential and commercial home inspections on a variety of buildings, including apartments, condos, townhouses and single-family homes. Our dependable and affordable home inspection services are backed by over 30 years experience in the industry.  By providing excellent service and accurate reporting, our team of residential and commercial home inspection professionals has made Accurate Home Inspectors the top choice for the most accurate inspections in Glendale and the surrounding communities.

We have a variety of customers, including:

  • Current owners looking to buy or sell a piece of rental property
  • Prospective buyers interested in purchasing a piece of commercial property
  • Homeowners who are looking into refinancing with their mortgage company
  • Insurance companies that need accurate assessments for homeowner’s policy quotes
  • Investors looking into the value of a property over time

Residential & Commercial Property Inspections Glendale

Property Inspections Glendale CANo matter why you need a property inspection, it’s important to ensure that it’s as accurate and complete as possible.  At Accurate Home Inspectors, you can rely on our thorough inspections and our staff’s dedication to a job well done.  We go through every part of a building, inside and out, to ensure the most complete and accurate home inspection report for your needs.  We’ll make sure you get the information you need to make an informed buying decision or simply to provide the assurance you need that your investment is still in good shape. No matter what the reason, contact our team of highly trained professionals today to schedule your inspection.  We are standing by to help with all of your residential or commercial home inspection needs in Glendale and guarantee the most accurate results for all of your property inspection needs.
Whether you are a property manager looking to assess the current value of your rental properties, or are a landlord that needs assistance with inspections for tenant move ins/move outs, our talented team can help make the process easier, by providing the information you need to make the most informed decision.  Our team provides complete home inspections on all types of buildings, and serves many areas of the SGV including Pasadena, Altadena, Arcadia as well as Glendale CA. (626) 497-6091