Home Inspection Arcadia CA

Need a home inspection Arcadia because your buying or selling a house? Our home inspectors in the Arcadia, Monrovia and Sierra Madre areas are local to the San Gabriel Valley. Our pro team of inspectors also are in Los Angeles and Orange County. If a house that needs inspected for a buy or sale feel good that we’ve got 30 years of inspection know how. Our services include detection for mold, water leaks, slab cracks and full real estate escrow inspections. Need to know what’s covered in a home inspection and learn the faults in your home to bring it up to code and ready for a sale or buy? If so then our expert team of inspectors is here to help you.

Home Inspection Arcadia Sierra MadreDon’t let less trained eyes look for faults in your home because that ends up a loss of time and money. The last thing needed is finding new issues after an inspection. We strive to give full reports on findings the first time because that’s the way to do it. When selling a home in Arcadia, Sierra Madre and Arcadia pre inspections are vital because issues will be found beforehand and this saves headaches down the road. We often see after we inspect a house that sellers are not aware of issues that need correcting. As a seller or real estate agent it’s best that you’re protected. Our reports give not only a full detailed findings list but also helps protect the buy and sale. A solid home inspection keeps homes in Escrow with less chance of falling out due to issues found needing fixed.

Home Inspection Arcadia, Monrovia and Sierra Madre

  • Electrical system inspections
  • Plumbing inspection services
  • Complete structural home inspection
  • Pre Listing Inspections

Escrow Home Inspection MonroviaDuring our home inspections there’s no area we do not look at. This includes checking insulation, ventilation, walls and ceilings. We also inspect electrical systems, kitchen appliances, plumbing, heating and cooling systems. We also look for foundation issues, water leaks and checking for mold growth.

For 30 years in Arcadia, Sierra Madre and Monrovia our inspectors have checked residential homes and commercial structures from the foundation to the rooftops. It’s best to know what condition a structure is in by having an inspector thoroughly check your building. Even the best homes will have problems and it’s our job to find any issues and make the right recommendations for repairs and that’s our mission. We know the stress involved with selling, buying or fixing up a property and we’re here to make the process of a home inspection less stressful.