3 Bedroom Home Inspection Los Angeles Orange County

Home Inspection, How Long?

How long does a home inspection take? It takes inspectors 2-4 hours for a residential 3 bed 2 bath house. A complete property inspection that also checks for termites and related damage will add time. Los Angeles and Orange County homes and properties are not all the same, so times will vary. The size of the home and kinds of […]

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Electrical Inspectors Orange County Los Angeles

Residential Electrical Inspections

It’s home buying season within the Los Angeles and Orange County areas and residential electrical inspections are on the rise. For home buyers and Sellers that means it’s necessary to hire an inspector to check your building from the roof to the foundation. Visually there are many parts of a home you can check yourself. One of the most important […]

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Accurate Escrow Home Inspections

Escrow Home Inspections, Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia

Escrow Home Inspections before buying or selling a house because inspectors find & report issues that need fixed. There’s a few things inspectors check to make the buy or sale a smooth transaction for both parties. Home purchasers make their buy dependent upon the review which happens inside a couple of days after the buy and sale agreement. Purchasers hire an expert inspector who for […]

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Orange County Home Inspection Tips for New Home Buyers

The day has finally arrived. The Orange County home you’ve always dreamed of just closed escrow and the keys are yours. But wait! That luxury dream might be the nightmare you never wake from. As a home buyer there are only a certain amount of days to get your home inspected once agree to move forward. An inspection is not only […]

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Pre Listing Home Inspection for Smart Sellers

More and more smart Los Angeles and Orange County homeowners and sellers are having a pre listing home inspection done before selling their property. This prevents potential buyers from walking away from buying your property or trying to offer a low ball price. The more you know the more power you have when negotiating a price for your property. Even if you […]

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Inspecting Your House for Mold

There’s many reasons to inspect your house for mold. Many Los Angeles and Orange County houses have water and dampness issues that cause mold growth. This can affect the value of your home when selling it and also can be a bargaining point for buyers when looking for a deal. If you currenty have visable mold growing in your home […]

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Reasons For A Los Angeles Home Inspection

Having a home inspection is the vital in-depth analysis that will determine your house’s current condition and state. Usually houses in the Los Angeles area have inspections done when you sell your house. Investing into and buying a house will be one of the biggest purchases a person can make. Its always best to have a qualified and licensed home […]

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Funny Home Inspection Cartoon

When Is The Best Time To Inspect Your Home

The best time for an inspection for your Los Angeles or Orange County home is once a year. There are other benefits to different times like winter colder months when an inspection could be helpful. Cold winter weather can reveal issues like energy leaks, faulty electrical concerns and heating issues. In commercial buildings these are issues you will want to […]

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Reasons to Hire a Los Angeles Home Inspector Pt 1

Having a home inspection for your Los Angeles or Orange County property can let you know about the information about the state the home or property. This allows the buyer to know about expenses for repairs and any maintenance the home will need at once and in the future. When a buyer is not in agreement with a home inspection it gives a last chance to step away from the purchase offer. This is important and […]

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