3 Bedroom Home Inspection Los Angeles Orange County

Home Inspection, How Long?

How long does a home inspection take? It takes inspectors 2-4 hours for a residential 3 bed 2 bath house. A complete property inspection that also checks for termites and related damage will add time. Los Angeles and Orange County homes and properties are not all the same, so times will vary. The size of the home and kinds of inspections done, also decide inspection length.

How Long for a Home Inspection in Los Angeles or Orange County?

Home InspectionThings that will affect the time of the inspection are how many systems checked. As an example, how many electrical panels, water heaters, filters etc… Other items like more than one kitchen, pools, spas and water softeners also increase the time it takes to inspect a house. Crawl spaces and attics also add more time to the inspection. Bad weather like rain, extreme heat and wind also slows things down. One good tip to save inspection time for first-time buyers is having a ready list of questions for the inspector.

As a rule of thumb, an inspection only lasting an hour is not enough time. It’s just not possible to properly and professionally inspect a home. A detailed inspection report takes 3-5 hours with added research, taking photos, and double checking the report.

Types of Property Inspections

Home inspections vary because of various things. It’s best when considering a low-priced home inspection to think about getting what you’re paying for. It’s a good idea to speak with the company who will offer the inspection services before the scheduled visit. Talk about all areas being inspected also ask questions. This includes plumbing, electrical, foundation, roof, water heaters, and furnaces. There are a vast amount of items to check in a home, so take your time to know what needs looking at.

Our company has inspectors in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas that inspect properties of all sizes. If you would like more info on getting a property or home inspection call one of our professional inspectors today.

Electrical Inspectors Orange County Los Angeles

Residential Electrical Inspections

It’s home buying season within the Los Angeles and Orange County areas and residential electrical inspections are on the rise. For home buyers and Sellers that means it’s necessary to hire an inspector to check your building from the roof to the foundation. Visually there are many parts of a home you can check yourself. One of the most important parts of an inspection is inspecting the electrical system. If a home is over 40 years old, recently renovated, or bought or sold that means it’s time for a complete electrical system inspection by a certified home inspector. Another time to also have an inspector check the electrical system is when adding new appliances.

Residential Electrical Inspections Los Angeles, Orange County

Residential Electrical InspectionsWhen inspecting older Los Angeles homes and Orange County buildings that have had many owners finding upgrades to the electrical system are common. The homeowner themselves or a hired handyman usually make the changes. The downside to this is that when doing upgrades yourself or using third parties code violations happen. If a home has a code violation the selling of the property becomes an issue. Modifications to junction boxes and wall outlets often don’t meet the strict standards set by the electrical safety foundation. In the end, it’s best to hire an expert to check the home. That will save time and cash for when of times when a repair or correction.

Get Home Inspection Report Los AngelesIssued reports come after an entire home inspection and this is a must. Don’t let a less than pro look at your house. Our Orange County and Los Angeles area certified home inspectors not only look at the electrical system but also check the entire home. The plumbing, foundation, roof and other areas need looking at. The main task when doing an inspection is to make sure the home is sound. By checking all from top to bottom you will know your covered. Within the electrical system, checking all boxes and conduit bodies plus wiring methods is vital. Lots of times reported issues are beyond what the eye sees.

For a pro to look at your home let us help. Before you buy or sell give us a call and let us help. We love what we do and it shows with each detailed report. We’re here to make sure your property’s checked right from the roof to foundation. Based in Pasadena, our company Accurate Home Inspectors has been offering certified inspections for both residential homes and commercial buildings for 40 years.

Accurate Escrow Home Inspections

Escrow Home Inspections, Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia

Escrow Home Inspections Pasadena ArcadiaEscrow Home Inspections before buying or selling a house because inspectors find & report issues that need fixed. There’s a few things inspectors check to make the buy or sale a smooth transaction for both parties. Home purchasers make their buy dependent upon the review which happens inside a couple of days after the buy and sale agreement. Purchasers hire an expert inspector who for two to four hours checks the overall soundness of the home. The inspector checks the rooftop and its condition and sometimes a different roof reviewer gets hired. They also check the warming, cooling, electrical and plumbing to make sure everything is working as it should. Why hire Accurate Escrow inspections? Because we’ve got 30 years of inspection know how that goes into each report.

Escrow Home Inspections, Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, Sierra Madre

  • Exterior and foundation
  • Roof and rain gutters
  • Attic and basement inspections
  • Electrical panels and outlets checked
  • Heat and AC Units
  • Major home appliances
  • Air ducts and vents
  • Plumbing systems inspected
  • Kitchen appliance inspections

Real Estate Home Inspectors ArcadiaDuring escrow home inspections and when negotiating price it’s best that each room of the house gets inspected. Inspectors have a keen eye and because of this they’ll find a dead electrical outlet or any dripping faucets if they’re there. Inspectors find things that need corrected that owners are not aware of. Perhaps a leak under the sink or a foundation that has cracked are items an owner may not know exists. Other reasons for a pre listing inspection are pests that get found during escrow home inspections. From termites and ants to wood destroying fungus and dry-rot a termite inspection is also a good idea. Lot’s of states and escrow companies need a separate termite inspection to show the house is free of any wood destroying pests.

With home inspectors based near Glendale Pasadena, Monrovia and Arcadia areas into Los Angeles and Orange County we inspect buildings large and small. Unexpected issues pop up that keep escrow from closing so cover your bases. Do it right the first time and don’t leave it up to chance because an escrow home inspection with save and stress in the end. Need to know more info on escrow home inspections call us.

Orange County Home Inspection Tips for New Home Buyers

Orange County Home Buyer Inspection TipsThe day has finally arrived. The Orange County home you’ve always dreamed of just closed escrow and the keys are yours. But wait! That luxury dream might be the nightmare you never wake from. As a home buyer there are only a certain amount of days to get your home inspected once agree to move forward. An inspection is not only vital to keep the dream alive but to also protect the investment. An inspection will also make sure there are no defects in construction. This way your protected in years to come knowing that you’ve made a sound investment. Even first owner homes needs looked at. New construction many times is far from perfect. One inspector found literally hundreds of errors in a newly built house inspected in Pasadena. At this point the home buyer was able to turn away. The point is that a professional home inspection will decide any issues that the home has that needs corrected.

Orange County Home Inspection Tips For Buyers

  • Be there during the inspection
  • Understand inspection recommendations
  • Address issues found in the report
  • Inspect plumbing, electrical, roof, AC, heater

Hiring a professional with experience inspecting homes in Orange County takes the worry out of the great home buy that was just made. Make the best of the time you have and make sure your home is sound to live in for many happy years to come. An inspector has no interest in the sale of the home and will always give a neutral report. If any issues are found this alone by detailing the options available is worth the inspection cost. Being able to move forward with confidence or turning away from a potential disaster an inspection is there to help guide buyers during their Orange County home buy. Got questions? Contact our company today!

Orange County Home Inspector


Pre Listing Home Inspection for Smart Sellers

Pre Listing Home Inspection Los AngelesMore and more smart Los Angeles and Orange County homeowners and sellers are having a pre listing home inspection done before selling their property. This prevents potential buyers from walking away from buying your property or trying to offer a low ball price. The more you know the more power you have when negotiating a price for your property. Even if you believe your house is in very good condition when it’s ready to sell. You set your listing price, sit back and let the buying offers arrive. Once you ok an offer you wait for escrow to finish. This is when an inspector comes into play to see if there are any needed repairs required to make the structure sound. If issues are found the next thing you know the buyer is asking for a lower price along with a detailed list of things that need repaired. There are many cases where the buyer may even pull out of escrow altogether. The best thing about having your house inspected before you decide to put it on the market is that you’ll know what the buyers inspector will find during their inspection. Finding issues before going to market will make sure you sell your home close to its asking price. Things like a leaky foundation, unseen mold and plumbing are found before the buyers inspector checks your home.

Pre Listing Home Inspections Los Angeles & Orange County

Pre Listing Home Inspection Orange County CASometimes a homeowner may not want a pre listing home inspection. This is usually because the seller does not want to acknowledge the problem and thinks if it’s unseen the same will be true for the buyers inspector. Other factors like not wanting to pay for an inspector or hoping the new buyer will pay for and fix any problems keep owners from doing a pre listing inspection. Lots of real estate agents need a pre listing inspection to make sure they are safe from any non disclosure lawsuits. A pre-listing inspection also will protect the seller by letting them know of all issues that need disclosing. Our pre listing home inspections in Los Angeles and Orange County gives sellers lots of useful info that’s vital for selling your home. If you are about to sell contact us to learn how we can help you get the most for your commercial or residential property. You can also stay up to date with our latest promotions and industry related news by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

Inspecting Your House for Mold

There’s many reasons to inspect your house for mold. Many Los Angeles and Orange County houses have water and dampness issues that cause mold growth. This can affect the value of your home when selling it and also can be a bargaining point for buyers when looking for a deal. If you currenty have visable mold growing in your home arrange an inspection right away.

The sooner the mold is detected the easier it will be to remove. When left untreated for long periods of time it will become more difficult to get rid of. It’s best to check locations that are not easily seen by the naked eye like attics and basements. All it takes is a little bit a time, a water problem and some dampness and you have mold growing. This can lead to problems with breathing for sensitive people it also can get quite serious and lead to more problematic health issues. There is some types of mold growth that is not as toxic to you in fact you get exposed to many types of less toxic mold on an almost daily basis.

Professional mold inspection Orange CountyWith something as serious as inspecting for mold in your Los Angeles home you should always hire an expert to inspect your property. Licensed and certified mold inspectors know all the best spots where mold growth may be present. A professional will also be able to detect water and moisture problems that are the leading causes for mold growth. Besides knowing where to look a professional mold inspector uses the latest techniques and hi tech equipment like infra-red inspection, borescopes, moisture meters & hygrometers to inspect the hidden places like inside walls where mold may be located. With experience comes knowledge and a expert can literally smell the air in your home and know if you have a problem.

When having a certified mold inspector ckeck your Orange County house or Los Angeles home you can feel safe knowing that if your house has a mold problem it will be found.

Reasons For A Los Angeles Home Inspection

Home Inspection Report Los AngelesHaving a home inspection is the vital in-depth analysis that will determine your house’s current condition and state. Usually houses in the Los Angeles area have inspections done when you sell your house. Investing into and buying a house will be one of the biggest purchases a person can make. Its always best to have a qualified and licensed home inspector check and inspect your house from the basement to the attic to make sure it’s safe and structurally sound. From termite inspections to checking your home for past and present mold inspecting your house and getting a detailed report will give you the important insight needed to determine the current condition of your property. The last thing you want to happen is to purchase your dream home and then find out your house is in need of costly repairs. This can take your home purchase from a dream to a nightmare. A professional home inspector will help new homeowners see clearly the condition of their property investment before buying. From the outside your new residence may seem good to go and ready to move into. With that being said a inspection will go overthings life the house structure, foundation, electrical system, plumbing, heating and even the state of the roof.

House Inspection Report Pasadena CABy hiring an expert home inspector from Accurate to thoroughly inspect your property you’ll protect your investment and help reduce any wasteful spending on unforeseen repairs in the future. Based in the Pasadena and nearby Glendale areas and servicing all of Los Angeles and Orange county we’ve been inspecting residential and commercial buildings for decades. From experience we know choosing the proper inspection comes down to the question if you need a residential or commercial inspection? Residential inspections will highlight any repairs needed to be done while a commercial inspection will report on any structural and overall building issues with plumbing, electricity, heating and foundation. After the inspection on your home is final you will receive a report detailing what is needed to improve the conditions of the home. The best thing to remember is an inspection is like an insurance policy that will notify you of future fixes that could be quite expensive If you decide on buying the house. Having this information available can even help get you a better price on the house you are looking to buy.

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When Is The Best Time To Inspect Your Home

The best time for an inspection for your Los Angeles or Orange County home is once a year. There are other benefits to different times like winter colder months when an inspection could be helpful. Cold winter weather can reveal issues like energy leaks, faulty electrical concerns and heating issues. In commercial buildings these are issues you will want to catch sooner than later. These same problems are also common in residential homes. To be safe hire an inspector to check your property or house during the colder months to make sure it is safe from any unnecessary expensive repairs or accidents.

Reasons to Hire a Los Angeles Home Inspector Pt 1

Home Inspection Report Los AngelesHaving a home inspection for your Los Angeles or Orange County property can let you know about the information about the state the home or property. This allows the buyer to know about expenses for repairs and any maintenance the home will need at once and in the future. When a buyer is not in agreement with a home inspection it gives a last chance to step away from the purchase offer. This is important and could in the end save you lots of money.

Another benefit of having a home inspection for your Los Angeles home or Orange County property is that the inspector can provide you with safety concerns like carbon monoxide, mold and radon which all residential property should be checked for. Always ensure that the purchase agreement for the home you want to buy states that if any safety issues are detected you can cancel your purchase offer.

An expert home inspection will let the buyer know if rooms, modified garage spaces or underground basements were finished without the correct permits or were not finished using the proper code requirements. If a residential property has illegal non permitted room additions it can change the insurance coverage, taxes and the complete value of the home or property. Newer homes that have systems that are not installed to required code will now become the new property owners responsibility to take care of.